hello from Ireland

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hello from Ireland

Berichtdoor Robin33ba07 » zo 02 jul 2017 16:01

my name is Robin and I have various military vehicles tracked and wheeled ,I bought a Daf Ya 126 several years ago ,but I sold it very soon after I bought it ,I have always regretted this ,so about 2 years ago I got the chance to buy another 126 a radio version vehicle ,it had been neglected by its previous owner ,so there was a lot of problems to be addressed .I have replaced the tyres batteries ,fixed the radiator, brake pipes ,exhaust ,I have had to have panels near the battery boxes replaced because of rust,i have done many other jobs as well .My problem is now with spark plugs and leads ,do I replace them with modern parts or put in new old parts

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Re: hello from Ireland

Berichtdoor Hoppa69 » zo 02 jul 2017 18:08

I think it is better to go to modern spark plugs and lead, because you are in ireland.
Here you kan see some pictures of it.

http://www.jabami.nl/frame2/sleutelwerk ... ouwen.html

Or you can buy theme here:
You see them in the right corner.


But if you whant it Original:

https://vandamonderdelen.nl/catalogsear ... ougiekabel
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Re: hello from Ireland

Berichtdoor Dikkie » zo 02 jul 2017 22:41

Hello Robin, welcome!

If you never take the vehicle through water (no wading involved), then I suggest replacing the sparks with modern NGK BR6S spark plugs. They do the job very well.
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Re: hello from Ireland

Berichtdoor Robin33ba07 » zo 06 aug 2017 21:58

hello all I have some good news ,I decided to keep the Daf original some I bought new old new stock
Plugs leads
distributor cap
rotor arm
the difference is the performance is staggering and off road is un believable ,I have a field close to my house and the way it went through muck ,up very wet grassy hills ,and finally the daf dragged itself up a real wet mucky steep amazing .I will have to second guess myself if I will sell the Daf at all .I got the parts from Van dam very helpful and prompt delivery :D

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