Which engine oil to use?

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Which engine oil to use?

Berichtdoor Drunken24 » wo 23 nov 2022 22:31

Hello there!
I have recently acquired this lovely DAF and I don´t know which engine oil to use.
Lot of people told me that I should use M6A (SAE 30, API SB, no additives), because if I use, for example, modern 15W40, which obviously has detergents in it, the oil passages would clog and the engine would seize.
In my country there´s also available the M6AD (same as M6A but it has additives) and M7ADS III 15W40 (API SG/CF-4).
On the other side lot of you were recomending 15W40 or 20W50 and I also found that original OMD-110 oil is SAE 30, API SE, MIL-L-2104D, it also appears to have additives like detergents and such.
I´m really confused right know.
I would also like to run the truck in winter and in summer on "highways", which means hotter eviroment, so the oil would get thinner.
Could someone point me the right way, please?

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Re: Which engine oil to use?

Berichtdoor Dikkie » wo 23 nov 2022 23:04

Well, the right oil kinda differs per climate conditions. Many of us, me included, use 20W50 grade oil over here in the Netherlands.

The original oil for summer conditions was OMD-110, which later changed into O-180. Civil spec shows SAE30 to be the next best thing, though mineral 20W50 or 15W50 is fine too.
Winter oil was OMD-60, later O-178. This is closer to SAE20.
DM-62-40 (WEP), BE-22-24 (Takeldoos)
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Re: Which engine oil to use?

Berichtdoor Drunken24 » do 24 nov 2022 14:26

Thank you for the answer but I’ve got couple of more questions.

Have you had your engine rebuilt?
If I use 20W50, could i harm the engine?
Would the fresh multigrade oil remove the deposits and clog the oil passages?
What API rating should I use?

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Re: Which engine oil to use?

Berichtdoor ruben » ma 28 nov 2022 16:07

1 answer which might help is if you know what oil is in your engine at this moment, but I assume you don't know this at the moment.
Your story is correct oil passage blockage can happen when switching to a detergent type of oil if the engine has run on a non detergent for a long time. Sadly no way of knowing this for now. 1 thing you could do is take of the oil pan, if there is a heavy thick sludge deposit there you can assume it has been on a non detergent oil for a long time. If it is reasonably clean and not thick sludge layer you could assume a detergent oil was used already.

The oil filter system is not really made for a detergent system since only the oil pressure valve by pass oil gets filtered and not the full flow as in modern engines. Therefor a non detergent oil type would be better in this engine.

So if you want to be safe, use a non detegent oil, no damage when a non detergent was used and also no damage when a detergent oil was used before.

I use a SAE 30 straight mineral oil, but as you say it is still full of aditives but I can't tell you which ones sadly. Not all aditives are for a cleaning function.

When switching oil types I always recommend getting the engine nice and hot and drain the oil as hot as possible and also change out the filter wo prevent a build up of old oil in there.

Regarding the API, I am not that familiar with it but I guess you should be looking at a SA or SB rating

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